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season 1 characters

Below is a listing of every significant secondary character to make an appearance in Distilled Spirits.  The list itself, as well as the brief description that follows, are minor spoilers.

This list is intended for reference.  As the web serial grows–and because the chapters are written one week apart–this page may help keep some things straight.


The character’s first physical appearance is italicized, though they may have been mentioned earlier. 

In alphabetical order:

CRAZY MAN JOE (CH. 4 — Glenn):  A well-known homeless wanderer of New Portsmouth, Joe is a military veteran who has senior status and is somewhat feared among the transient community.

ERI TSUNEMOTO (CH. 7 — Caitlyn):  Now working at the New Portsmouth University library, Eri lived and painted alongside CAITLYN while in university and they have recently rekindled their friendship.  Eri has had a long-standing crush on SIDNEY.

JIM (CH. 1 — Sidney): First described as SIDNEY’s ‘boss’, Jim is an independent video game developer who has a few personality quirks.

LAURA ROBINSON and her son, JAMES: (CH. 13 — Sidney): James is a student that SIDNEY tutors occasionally and his mother, Laura, is a divorced video game consultant.

MOLLY (CH. 8 — Glenn):  Described as “discordant and impossible to understand”, Molly is a mid-20s volunteer at the same South Harbor soup kitchen that GLENN sometimes works at.  It is revealed that she is also a lesbian.

GENO’S DAD / MR. ROARK (CH. 18 — Geno)  A practicing lawyer, Geno’s dad often shows up unannounced and looks for any excuse to not work or be home with his wife.

NURSE BLANKS, Drew (CH. 3 — Caitlyn):   As a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Drew has access to morphine at St. Anthony’s Hospital in South Harbor.  He has been dating CAITLYN for over six months.

PETER (CH. 6 — Geno):  A job contractor, Peter has helped GENO and SCARLETT find part-time work.  He has tendency to pit his clients against each other.

SARA POWERS and VALLERIE (VAL) HART (no appearance): The two other artists, along with friends CAITLYN and ERI, to publish the Feminist art book ‘Paint the Patriarchy’ while in university.  The four of them once shared an apartment sometimes referred to as the ‘Feminazi Compound’.

SCARLETT / “S” (CH. 9 — Sidney):  A younger competitor of GENO’s in the world of part-time jobs, Scarlett failed out of law school and has been unable to succeed in anything she deems important–not for lack of trying.



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