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Distilled Notes: I Made a City — Part 1

October 4, 2013

New Portsmouth Topography

(and a bridge)

What the city would look like without the city part.

What the city would look like without the city part.

This is Part One of the construction and bringing-to-life of the fictional city of New Portsmouth.  While only a draft, the completed version will have demarcated neighborhoods and landmarks (such as the airport or baseball stadium) indicated on the ‘map’.  Hopefully this can help you visualize New Portsmouth.

Some locations are self-explanatory:

•  South Harbor is the strip running along the ‘bottom’ of the harbor

•  The Point, mentioned briefly but not yet visited by any character, is the piece of land jutting out of the southern side

•  Downtown is located along the eastern end of the harbor

•  The Inner Harbor, where Geno and Glenn live, is along the northern waterfront.

One other note: when hovering over Distilled Spirits, a drop-down option now appears.  This ‘character listing‘ is an account of all secondary yet significant characters that appear in the web serial.  I hope this can help keep details straight from week to week.

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