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distilled spirits — a web series

Table of Contents for all Distilled Spirits published chapters.


Distilled Spirits is a semi-weekly series following a tired dreamer, an indecisive addict, a content underachiever, and a guy who would save the world if only someone gave him the chance.  The serialized story takes place in the fictional large coastal city of New Portsmouth, or New PT.  A map detailing the geography and important locations is forthcoming.

Sidney Jay Nolan (links to his first chapter) is a freelance and aspiring video game writer who is more ‘free’ than he wants to be.  His best friend from elementary school and current roommate is named . . .

Caitlyn Hash is a morphine addict that dropped out of art school.  In high school, the two of them became very good friends with . . .

Geno Roark has enough part-time jobs to pay his share, plus a few more, and has no desire to do ‘real work’.  Along with Caitlyn and Sidney, he made another good friend in high school, and he currently lives with . . .

Glenn F. Pierce is lucky–he was born into a ‘good’ family and already has more money than most, but he has no idea what to do with it other than to try and save a world through moral actions that doesn’t want to be saved.

Every chapter captures a sequential moment in the life of each of the four friends as they try to make the best of being born in their own way.  You can read about some of the web serial’s organization here, or check out Distilled Notes — a collection of all meta posts.

The web serial is happening now–in real time–on planet Earth, in a world that contains you and I.  If a chapter is published on a Monday, it happened on that specific Monday.

The only difference is that while you and I get to lie to our friends, family, loved ones, and colleagues about our day–or tactfully hold back–Sidney, Caitlyn, Geno, and Glenn can’t hide anything from us.


Average time between chapters: 1 week

Entries have a MAX word count of 1,500, except when they don’t.  Instances of a higher count are purposefully held to a minimum.


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