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cold coffee

Cold Coffee is an acquired taste and not a particularly good one even after acquired.

Not iced coffee.  It’s not something intended, but leftover coffee.  A forgotten or ignored half-finished mug.  What you find next to a book or computer the next day.  Beside a typewriter 50 years ago or a holodeck remote in the next century.

It’s what you didn’t know you needed even after you take a sip.

Cold Coffee is also a section of this site–in it you’ll find subjects veering vaguely toward the academic.

Current categories:

Sci-Fi Undercover — A read-through and discussion of one Science Fiction novel with 3 rules.

1. Only the cover is allowed to be seen before purchase or borrowing of the novel

2. The novel must be published before 1990

3. The novel must be written by a previously unknown author to me

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