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Sci-Fi Undercover — A Beginning

July 23, 2013

Hello!  This is an introduction to Sci-Fi Undercover — the Cold Coffee feature that takes you and I into a Science Fiction novel that, while not forgotten by everyone, was probably forgotten by too many.

The idea is straight-forward: I will read a novel at a regular, unhurried pace and then I will talk about it.  This isn’t a formulated review, a re-cap, or some kind of historical book report.  And while neither is it a Read Along, I would love to hear from people who have read these books!

Simply, this feature is a selfish excuse to read a cool and old Sci-Fi book and then talk about it in-depth.

This first book grabbed my attention just yesterday at Dawn Treader, an amazing used book store in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Then I cheated and read the back and realized I had something.  Henceforward, I decided to probably almost never cheat.

Title: Daystar and Shadow

Listed author: James B. Johnson

Copy: 1981, First (Only?) Printing, DAW Books

I’ve loved the first 10 pages, like many Sci-Fi books, and if you find a copy for less than 3 dollars it’s probably a good decision.  But the next time you read Sci-Fi Undercover, you’ll have a much better idea.

  1. The Dawn Treader is simply one of the best used book stores in the US… There sci-fi section is ridiculous. I managed to only buy books from the A + B sections because I already had 15 I wanted.

  2. Ann Arbor is filled with amazing bookstores–I could’ve spent all my time there. Dawn Treader has an especially great collection. I ran out of time to buy books, though.

    • Yeah, I’ve only been once… alas… My town (college town in the Midwest) has one very average used book store — unfortunately that means lots of ebay SF lots and amazon/abebooks…

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