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Distilled Notes: Halloween, Thursdays, and the End of a Season

October 22, 2013

         Now that I’m finished with Part One of California’s CSET exam, I have one less excuse for not posting as often as I’ve wanted to.  Well–with the holidays on their way, I’m sure I can find one more.

The first, Halloween, falls on a Thursday this year, and I’ve been planning a Caitlyn chapter (Ch. 15) around this day for some time.  Accordingly, instead of regular Monday postings of Distilled Spirits, I’ll be switching to a less-constrained, one-chapter-per-calender-week plan.  Geno’s Chapter 14 can be expected this Thursday–following that, I’ll be aiming for Thursdays more often than not, breaking this format when something has to happen on a certain date.

Well, really this is Sidney and Caitlyn’s plan more than mine–the two are hosting the annual Halloween party this year and with essentially ever character invited and undoubtedly far from sober, it promises to be memorable.

         I’ve posted before regarding the structure of this web serial and I have some more information to pass along.  This season of Distilled Spirits will conclude following Episode 5, (Chapter 20).  Marking 5 months of writing, 5 months of city-building, and 5 months in the lives of these four friends, Episode 5 will close major plot arcs for each character.

Tentatively titled “Where you headed?“, the episode will focus on the choices that determine what course their lives will take.

For now, Episode 4 continues with Geno’s chapter on Thursday.  Need a Lift to Happy Hour centers on a theme of help–that there are small things we can do for each other that aren’t actually small at all.

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